Kawaii Land

Kawaii Land

Nov 17, 2018
10:00 am - 7:00 pm
Design Exchange

An intersect of anime, cuteness, fashion, and design all under one roof in the heart of downtown Toronto. Come to Kawaii Land to be fascinated by all things ridiculously cute. It will make your life more whimsical!

After the success of the Kawaii Cafe; mowgen has decided to expand from it’s previous event theme pertaining to all things cute with Kawaii Land. Kawaii Land will be another community gathering and meet up event for cute fashion and cute artwork enthusiasts in Toronto!

Things to do at Kawaii Land

  • GIANT CAKE HOUSE and mowgen Photo Booth
    The Kawaii Cafe amazed patrons with it’s adorable bakery photo booth. This year, they are stunning guests with a GIANT CAKE HOUSE which patrons can take photos of. The photo booth will also be there.
  • mowgen Sweet Shop
    Hard to find quirky sweets and drinks for sale!
  • Exhibiting Cute Artwork and Designs
    Their mandate: to curate and exhibit cute artwork and fashion that is inspired by the root word ““可愛”.

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