Legends of Horror at Casa Loma

Legends of Horror at Casa Loma

Legends of Horror at Casa Loma is an immersive theatrical interpretation of all of the classic horror figures. You are lead on a 1 hour (2 km) self-guided walking tour through the grounds of Casa Loma.

It all begins in the lower gardens of Casa Loma, winds its way through the castle’s tunnels and darkest spaces never before open to the public.

Throughout the 1+ hour experience, you are immersed in a variety of theatrically designed sets in the gardens and chambers below the castle.

The theatrical action will bring the most recognized characters of the horror genre to life. From Dracula rising from his crypt, to the Creature from the Black Lagoon slithering in the swamp, the Phantom of the Opera with his captive in the bowels of the boiler room.

WHEN: September 29 – October 31, 2017

Ticket Prices

Tickets for the Legends of Horror can be purchased online via the website link below

$40 online**
$45 at door**

**Regular general admission to Casa Loma is NOT included. This is an all ages event. Children 13 & under, must be accompanied by an adult. Not wheelchair/walker accessible