High Park Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

In early Spring (weather-dependent of course), the Cherry Blossoms (aka Sakura) in west-end’s High Park, put on a spectacular show.


Estimated timing for full blossoms: MAY 7-12, 2019

The Cherry Blossoms in High Park are so beautiful that they attract HUGE crowds, especially when (& if) the weather co-operates.

Families, and those who just love to take photos, go there to spend time outside enjoying the blossoms as well as the Park (High Park even has a ZOO nearby).

The blooms are only around for a short time (even shorter if high winds and rains are in the forecast), so if you can, try and get out to see Mother Nature at her best. 

This is one of Toronto’s best attractions in the spring and costs nothing to see!

Try to GO EARLY if you don’t want a swarm of people in your pictures 😉


During the Cherry Blossom bloom days, High Park is now CAR FREE. See latest update from the City on this.

no parking in High park
  • There will be NO Vehicle Access into High Park during peak cherry blossom bloom days.
  • There is NO Parking inside the Park during peak cherry blossom bloom days
  • Parking illegally on the side streets in the vicinity of High Park will also be monitored – so please be vigilant when trying to park your car nearby!!

This is to ensure public safety and relieve traffic congestion that has become an issue in and around the Park during this time.

Only exception to the above – Wheel Trans (TTC)

Take Public Transit

The City is encouraging everyone to take Transit (TTC) to this year’s Cherry Blossom event, walk or bike.

Subway: High Park Stn (Line 2 / Bloor-Danforth)

508 Lakeshore (Stops: Parkside or Colborne Lodge)
506 Carlton (Stop: Parkside Dr)

Bus: 80 Queensway (Stop: Howard Park Ave)

There is a website dedicated to the Sakuras in High Park where they predict the budding – usually pretty accurate [LINK]