Great Lakes Water Walk

Great Lakes Water Walk

Sep 24, 2017
7:00 am - 4:00 pm

The source of all life on Earth – water – is sacred to Canada’s First Nations Peoples. That special relationship is the inspiration behind this year’s first annual Great Lakes Water Walk on Sunday, Sept. 24, 2017 (7:00 am – 4:00 pm) on Toronto’s Waterfront Trail.

The inaugural Great Lakes Water Walk has two starting points:

  • Scarboro Missions (Scarborough), and
  • JC Saddinginton Park (Mississauga),

with multiple stops along the way.

Throughout the walk, following Anishinaabe ceremonial protocols, Grandmother and Elder, with collaboration and guidance from Nibi Emosaawdamajig, will make water offerings, sing water songs, and coordinate a collective agreement among participants to uphold the sacredness and purity of the Great Lakes.

The walk concludes at Marilyn Bell Park at 3:00 pm (approx) with respected Anishinaabeg Grandmothers and Elders leading participates in a blessing of the Great Lakes.

The walk unites First Peoples and Canadians in a symbolic walk towards reconciliation through a shared reverence for life sustaining water, and to ensure the health and well-being of the Great Lakes of Ontario for future generations.

FREE Public Event. Please join us in praise of the mother earth’s most precious gift!