Ontario Garlic Week

Ontario Garlic Week

Sep 22, 2023 - Oct 1, 2023
All Day / Times may vary

Embark on a flavorful journey across Ontario’s landscapes during Ontario Garlic Week! From September 22 to October 1, 2023, passionate garlic farmers and renowned chefs celebrate the province’s bountiful garlic harvest.

Chart your course all across Ontario from one “Garlic Pop-Up” to the next, travelling by car, bike, or public transit.

Make it a shared adventure with friends and family, traversing towns and cities, experiencing each unique garlic-inspired creation.

Along the way, engage in special activities like insightful garlic talks and cooking demos.

Set your compass to https://www.ontariogarlicweek.ca/ and let Ontario garlic guide your nose!

Social Media: @ontariogarlicweek

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