The King Got Up One Monday Morning

The King Got Up One Monday Morning

Jan 26, 2019
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
CSI Annex

The King Got Up One Monday Morning, presented by Storytelling Toronto’s StoryFusion Cabaret! Ethnomusicologist, a multi-instrumentalist, Judith Cohen performs sung stories and tales from Sephardic and pan-European traditions.

judith cohen
Judith Cohen

Judith Cohen is a singer and storyteller, an ethnomusicologist, a multi-instrumentalist and an inveterate traveller.

A specialist in Sephardic songs, she has collected and studied these and many others, over years of travelling in Spain, Portugal, the Balkans, Morocco, Greece, Turkey, Israel and right here in Toronto and Montreal.

Judith follows her ballads and their stories around, with versions of the same story sung and told in French Canada, Sephardic Morocco and Bosnia, Spanish and Portuguese villages.

She blends and mixes ballads, stories, languages, and anecdotes in unexpected ways, with a number of traditional instruments, and spontaneous communication drawing in the audience as if they were in her living room.

Admission: $20/ticket (Accessible space)
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