Infinity Mirrors

Infinity Mirrors

Infinity Mirrors is a new exhibit coming to the Art Gallery of Ontario in 2018. The exhibition focuses on the celebrated Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama‘s immersive, multi-reflective Infinity Mirror rooms.

Exhibition Details

The AGO is bringing the very popular exhibition to Toronto – March 3 – May 27, 2018.

It includes SIX Infinity Mirror Rooms: FIVE you enter and ONE you peek in to and a selection of Kusama’s paintings/sculptures (Note: you will have access to other exhibits in the AGO).

Visitors will have a limit of 20 – 30 seconds in each room. Wait times for each room is estimated at 20 minutes.

Each exhibit will only allow 2 – 3 people in each room at a time.

You will only have ONE chance to experience each room, so make sure you and you’re camera are ready to go!

From February 24, you won’t need “special tickets” to see Kusama’s Narcissus Garden installation. With General Admission, you can see this one in the Signy Eaton Gallery.

Infinity Mirrors Tickets

These will be like Willy Wonka’s Golden tickets.

Because of the popularity of this exhibit in other cities, the tickets are for allotted times. If you’re lucky to get a ticket, arrive early in order not to miss your time-slot.

Dates to Remember

The ONLINE tickets continue to be released as follows:

  • March 6 (10 am) – General Public
  • March 20 (10 am) – Members ONLY

The AGO staggers the release of the tickets. As a result, you will end up in a “Waiting countdown” to access to them. This will need your patience and perseverance, especially if you’re not successful first time around.

If you’re unsuccessful online – AGO states that there will be “a VERY limited number of same-day timed tickets available onsite“.  Keep in mind… you may have to line up long before AGO opens in order to get these – they will go FAST!

To find out more about the exhibition, tickets/ticket link, or you have any questions, please visit AGO directly and GOOD LUCK!!


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